Gayatri Mantra - 108 - A sacred ceremony in mantra and music.

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Reno Buddhist Center, Reno, NV

Join Joaquin Roland, health educator & mantra yoga artist with an authentic experience in chanting the Gayatri mantra 108 times. With your ticket purchase, you will receive a download of the unreleased version of Gayatri - 108

Bring your mala's and learn how to chant the beloved Gayatri in a meditative and supportive environment with live musical accompaniment.

The relationship between mantra and man has been around since time immemorial. Experience a new beginning, a deeper love and understanding of yourself and those around you.

“Why chant the mantra 108 times? Because there are nine planets and twelve constellations. When nine planets revolve around the twelve constellations, it brings 108 kinds of changes. If there is anything wrong in these changes, it can be rectified with the positive energy of the mantras.” -Sri Sri Ravi Shankar