Joaquin's music is a reflection of his work as a powerful healer, community leader, and devoted mystic. He wholeheartedly transmits this potent medicine with grace and humility, interpreting ancient truths for a modern world. ”

Robin Livingston

Acoustic Joaquin

Joaquin Fioresi – US – San Francisco born musician, singer songwriter, known for his acoustic rock poetic originals diverse set list of tasty covers. 

Joaquin has been going strong performing professionally for 20 years and has evolved his unique sound and style of catchy tunes that easy to listen to. 

 He began his career with the bridge an improve jam band that featured Jonny Mojo Flores of Achilles Wheel and Joaquin lead the crew with his poetics and original songs. 

Taking after singer songwriters Jack Johnsons, lifestyle soft rock, Tom Petty's grit and honest Americana and Bob Marley's soul rebel spirit. 

Joaquin is diverse in his song selection and his relaxed presence makes for a good time to escape your worries and leave your troubles behind. 

“Joaquin is an extremely talented musician, bringing a variety of original songs and covers featuring acoustic guitar and vocals. We love having him as one of our few regular musicians at the Lodge. Joaquin brings a warmth to our space with his professionally delivered, easy listening sets. We recommend him with high regard. His peaceful sets will provide a beautiful accompaniment to any gathering.” -The Lodge Ladies, Reno


"Fioresi’s lyrical message of peace and harmony walks a fine line, celebrating self awareness and inspiration without resorting to pseudo-intellectual new age psycho-babble. 
His musical evolution parallels his own growth as a poet, healer and musician".   ”

— Mike Roberts, Mountain Democrat

Latest Release - Effortless


Joaquin Fioresi

Effortless- Joaquin Fioresi's first singer songwriter EP. 8 tracks, 23min.

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