Gayatri Mantra - 108 - A sacred ceremony in mantra and music

Reno Buddhist Center, Reno, NV

Join Joaquin Roland, health educator & mantra yogi with an authentic experience in chanting the Gayatri mantra, 108 times.

"Gayatri mantra is something close and personal to me, like a child holds a blanket for safety, warmth and comfort. The clarity of thought that comes with chanting this mantra is beyond satisfying it is inspiring being able to sink into center and move and breathe live from this sense of space. My first time chanting the Gayatri mantra I enrolled in a one week course in Polarity Therapy, with my mentor Bruce Burger at Ananda retreat in the San Juan mountains above Nevada city. We entered the dome and listen to Bruce eloquently share from the heart about the purpose and power of chanting these sacred syllables that are filled with wisdom, vibration and life. I realized that we were about to chant, and this was something that I had never done and I began to get uncomfortable. We began playin the Gayatri by Deva Premal to chant and sing along with and there is Bruce chanting with all his heart and soul and I felt like running in the opposite direction and then immediately my inner voice snapped at me and said, “look at all of these people here chanting… are all not strangers anymore because of the golden chain that this mantra contains….you are all connected and synchronized.” I got it, I understood and it was genius really. Bruce used mantra to bring us all into a state of sympathetic resonance with the ancient wisdom we were about to dive into for the week, plus it set the table for all of us to feel connected and kindred as we were about to embark on a week of learning his profound synthesis of the healing arts and surrender our beings in a vulnerable way so that we can heal." Bring your mala's and learn how to chant the beloved Gayatri in a meditative and supportive environment with live musical accompaniment.

$20 investment in yourself - tickets are limited and can be purchased here:

To add to this celebration of our sacred Self, I am offering exclusively here only a pre-release version of my recording, Gayatri - 108, a 43min track that you can play throughout your day to meditate and get all your work done!

“Why chant the mantra 108 times? Because there are nine planets and twelve constellations. When nine planets revolve around the twelve constellations, it brings 108 kinds of changes. If there is anything wrong in these changes, it can be rectified with the positive energy of the mantras.” -Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Gayatri Mantra can help cultivate a deep sense of mental coherence and a feeling of greater sympathetic resonance with your divine purpose in life. The benefits to chanting this sacred mantra are manifold and here is a list to name a few. -Regular chanting of Gayatri Mantra improves concentration and learning -It is known for removing toxins from the body -It improves breathing and functioning of the nervous system -It keeps your heart healthy and removes the negativity -Chanting of Gayatri Mantra calms the mind -It reduces stress and anxiety