Joaquin Fioresi – US – American born healing artist, musician, singer songwriter, known for his acoustic soft rock and sacred chanting.         Joaquin Fioresi, coming off of his first solo debut, Mystic Threads. He takes his easy listening seriously, with Effortless. A collection of short and sweet songs of love, life, society and fantasy.  
Hailing from North Lake Tahoe California, Joaquin has been a spoken word artist for years in the improvisational band Sol Bridge and started playing acoustic guitar and prolifically writing songs and playing out in the world. Taking after singer songwriters Jack Johnsons, lifestyle soft rock, Tom Petty's grit and honest Americana and Bob Marley's Soul Rebel persona and mix a little Seal and Sade's lovers rock, Joaquin always aims to provide a genuine experience no matter what he is singing and playing. 
Joaquin's goal is to always inspire  positive thought, and change in society and this universe. 

"Fioresi’s lyrical message of peace and harmony walks a fine line, celebrating self awareness and inspiration without resorting to pseudo-intellectual new age psycho-babble. 
His musical evolution parallels his own growth as a poet, healer and musician". 
~Mike Roberts, Mountain Democrat



joaquin fioresi, professional musician

Me and my daughter, my love bug, Angelique.